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➗ Align your employees’ mobility budgets with their activity rates

New Feature

You now have the power to set the activity rates for your employees right within Mbrella. When the activity rate changes, your employee’s mobility budget gets an immediate and precise adjustment.

Let's break it down with an example: Imagine someone switches to a part-time role at 80% activity rate. Bam! Their mobility budget aligns perfectly, offering 80% of the usual amount. No need to manually adapt budgets anymore. As always: a real HR time saver.

With this feature, we're taking things to the next level by covering every possible career event and its impact on the mobility budget. Whether it's a change in function, work suspension, contract termination, or now, even a change in activity rate, Mbrella's got your back. It’s these technicalities that truly avoid any HR hassle.

Set the activity rate via an employee’s personal details, or use our Public API or bulk file import to manage activity rates in bulk. It’s designed for companies using user groups, or companies who synchronise their users via integrations.

👉 Enable activity rates in your Settings > Customisation > Budgets. Only available if you’re using User Groups.