New updates and improvements to Mbrella.

  1. 1 January 2022 marks the date: the new and improved legal mobility budget made its entry. It became much more attractive and a little less complex!

    We summed up the main changes for you.

    • No more waiting times for employees! 🥳 This is a big one. This means that employees entitled to a company car are now eligible to immediately benefit from the mobility budget.
    • Housing costs: the radius around the workplace for deducting housing costs is increased from 5 km to 10 km for all employees!
    • Housing costs: homeowners can now deduct the monthly interest AND capital repayments on their loans from their budget.

    Get the list of all the changes in this article.

    new mobillity budget illustration
  2. You read it right, no more expensive mobility solutions for SMEs. If we really want to make flexible mobility accessible to every company, things have to be different. Easier. A flexible mobility plan is not only for the big companies. SMEs also need access to the mobility ecosystem. From startups to bigger brothers, you don't pay a cent until your 251st employee on the platform.

    freemium illustration
  3. At Mbrella, we're on a mission to make it ridiculously easy for HR people to setup flexible mobility plans. For starters, that means you need to get up to speed quickly. Very quickly.

    That's why Mbrella is now fully self-service. We guide you step by step with a clear checklist and onboarding videos to your dream mobility plan.

    Prefer a human touch? We're here for you. Book a call directly from our product.

    company self-onboarding illustration
  4. You're probably craving to tell your employees about this cool new product they'll get access to, huh? Relax, first set up your company account. Then invite your employees in bulk or individually.

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  5. You too can implement a mobility budget! You shouldn't be limited by the strict rules to implement the legal mobility budget. Mbrella is launching Flex Budgets as the perfect way to make your salary packages more attractive. Yep, we also take care of the fiscal part.

    Some brilliant ways to use a Flex Budget

    ☕ Include it as an extra benefit in your cafeteria plan

    🗓️Give it as an end-of-year bonus

    🚗 Reward employees who didn't drove many kilometers

    🚆 Give a monthly budget for commuting

    Your employees will love it!

    multiple budget types illustration
  6. Rolling out a new platform in your company requires educating your employees. Mbrella now helps you by guiding your employees through their onboarding. Aside from many other improvements like onboarding reminders and choosing your password, we also educate your employee on how they can get the most out of Mbrella.

    DIY for your employees!

    employee self-service onboarding illustration
  7. If you're working in HR, you're probably using a ton of tools to manage HR, benefits, payroll,... One of the best ones on the market is Officient.

    We believe Mbrella should blend in perfectly in your day-to-day job and that's why strong integrations between HR products and Mbrella are important to us. Our integration with Officient is the first HR-integration we're launching.

    Connect Mbrella to Officient and you can import and sync your company and employee data, check mobility budgets in Officient and send payroll data to Officient.

    Read more in this FAQ article

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  8. This one is for the multi-taskers! If you're managing multiple companies, you're probably trying to make every second count. Having to log out and log in with a different e-mail address to manage another company doesn't help. You can now easily register multiple companies and switch between them. Easy peasy!

    Multi-company switcher illustration

  9. Many companies are working in a hybrid office/telework approach. But full-time public transport subscriptions are no longer advantageous if you only go to the office 1-2 times a week. Save up instead with the multi-journey passes from STIB-MIVB.

    🗓️ Valid for 18 months

    🤑 Much cheaper than individual tickets

    Now available in your Mobility Hub. Once activated, employees can order passes themselves, without any hassle for you.

    STIB multi-ride passes illustration
  10. We get it. Things can get busy. It's easy to overlook your monthly payroll export. And which employee never forgets to add their expenses on time? So we figured to give you a helping hand and build automatic, monthly email reminders. Remind yourself to run your payroll export from Mbrella. Or remind your employees to add their expenses or allowance reports.

    Activate via Settings > Notifications

    monthly email reminder illustration