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📱 Introducing the Mbrella mobile app

New Feature

Keep your expenses in tap with our Mbrella app! We're bringing the power of mobility budget management to your employees with our new mobile app.

With the Mbrella app, your employees can:

  • Manage expenses on-the-go: Whether it's a business trip or a daily commute, your employees can quickly and easily add expenses to their budget.
  • Keep track of their remaining budget: With real-time updates on their remaining budget, your employees stay on top of their spending and avoid going over budget.
  • Upload receipts on-the-go: No more searching for receipts or struggling to upload documents. Snap a picture of your mobility receipt on-the-go.
  • Register commuting trips: Our commute planner allows your employees to easily register their trips and immediately get the correct km allowance reimbursement.

👉 Go to the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) to download the Mbrella app.